Norwex microfiber washing instructions

To care for your Microfiber we recommend Norwex Laundry Detergent, however, detergents without bleach or fabric softeners added are acceptable.

Important: do not use bleach, chemical cleaners or fabric softeners with our products.

Norwex Enviro Products are designed to be extremely durable.

Can be washed hundreds of times in medium temperature water and withstand daily use at home and in commercial applications.

  • To save the environment and reduce the use of detergents, we suggest that slightly dirty cloths and mops be washed with a little dish detergent under warm running water, rinsed well and used again before laundering.
  • Dry mop/sweeper – use our Rubber Static Brush to keep the dry mop clean until it requires laundering. For other temporary cleaning, shake dirt off outside, or vacuum.
  • Simply launder Microfiber cloths separately with lint-free laundry.
  • For deep cleaning, Norwex Microfiber can be set on the hottest wash cycle in the washing machine and placed in the hottest dryer cycle for 60 minutes to dry. (Or cloths can be boiled for 15 minutes to remove residues and bacteria.)
  • Hang drying Norwex Microfiber is an energy efficient and effective means of drying microfiber.

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