Norwex Shipping and Return Information

Norwex uses FedEx to ship your online order right to your door!

Shipping Rates (May 2015)

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Shipping Rate - May 2015


Under $75.00 ………….$7.95
Under $150.00 …………$8.95
Under $200.00 …………$11.95
Under $300.00 …………$15.00
Under $750.00 …………$35.00
Under $1,000.00 ……….$55.00

Shipping Rates (April 2012)

Party of 5 or more guests  = $5.95 per guest for shipping

Party with 4 or less guests OR DIRECT SALES:
Order total:
Under $50.00 ………….$5.99
Under $75.00 ………….$6.95
Under $100.00 …………$7.95
Under $200.00 …………$12.95
Under $300.00 …………$15.00
Under $750.00 …………$35.00
Under $1,000.00 ……….$45.00
Over $1,000.00 ………..$55.00

Shipping Dates

Shipping usually takes about 4 business days within Canada.

Return Policy

Our Guarantee
Norwex Enviro Products Inc. stands behind our commitment to quality with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
We will replace or exchange to your complete satisfaction, any merchandise you receive that is damaged or defective.

60 Day Money Back Return Policy
If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase simply return the item within 60 days, from the date
of purchase and we will give you a full refund, less the shipping fees.


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8 responses to “Norwex Shipping and Return Information

  1. Rachael

    Why is there no option to have the products shipped to a ustomer’s house directly? If each guest is paying a seperate shipping fee, shouldn’t their products ship directly to their home or each guest should split the cost of shipping if its shiiping all together to one location.

    • Ok, so shipping. Norwex consultants just got new websites. With the new websites we now have the option to ship directly to the guest of a party. A normal sized party parcel would normally cost around $50 to ship if you were to try to ship that size of a parcel by yourself. If all the guests are charged the small shipping fee of $5.95 then it balances out to what the shipping actually costs to get it to the Consultant or the Hostess.
      The super cool thing about the new Norwex Consultant Websites is that you can send electronic invites to guests all over North America and they can order from home and have it shipped to their place and have it count for your party! You can even host online only parties! Does that answer you question?

  2. Garnet Gilligan

    What is the US address to ship returns to? Cannot seem to find it anywhere

  3. Tammy Hendren

    Does my consultant have to handle the exchange from my recent party or can I do it myself? She is going through a family crisis and just can’t do it right now but my friends REALLY want their stuff. I just can’t figure out how to do it without her

    • I’m thinking that if your consultant is unavailable, you can ask that her Norwex mentor/trainer take over in this situation. You should be able to get it done back and forth between email. If that is not an option, call Norwex Head Office on the back of your Norwex catalogue.

  4. Lori

    I placed a Norwex order and was charged S/H however my order was sent to the hostess’ home as was my aunt’s. However the other 2 customer’s orders were sent to their homes. The hostess received free shipping. I think the consultant charged me s/h and my aunt so the hostess would receive free shipping. when I questioned the consultant she told me to read the policy and to have a blessed day.

    • Very interesting. So if a party has at least 3 guests, the hostess gets free shipping. People who get it shipped directly to their home pay the tiered shipping rate which may be more than the party shipping rate. Other than that, party guests pay the flat party shipping rate.

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