Norwex Dishcloth


One of the first things I bought was the Norwex dishcloth. Why? I was so tired of the two methods I was using before: stinky crusty cotton dishcloths and sponges that wore out in 2 weeks. I was introduced to the Norwex dishcloth that didn’t ever get stinky! Is it ever efficient! I now compare cotton cloths and the Norwex dishcloth as worn out sandpaper versus brand new sandpaper. With old sandpaper you are rubbing and rubbing trying to get the layers off. Same with scrubbing dirty dishes. The Norwex dishcloth rips through layers of caked on, baked on food left on dirty dishes.  Know what else I discovered it does? It will wash inbetween the tines of the forks! I even used it with the spray bottle of water and the Enviro Cloth to scrub out a chocolate chip melted into the carpet. Give it a try – it’s only $6.99 and will last you at least 2 years.

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