The Unseen Pollution

Water is sometimes called the universal solvent. Because of this, alot of the chemical pollution in our watersheds doesn’t stick out like a plastic pop bottle or a can would. The pollution is dissolved in the water. Nevertheless, the pollution is there.
A lot of the pollution in our watersheds comes from the millions of households that clean their homes and clothes everyday and dump it down the drain.
Bleach is actually one of the worst because it will react with almost anything – creating worse chemical compounds than whatever you were trying to clean in the first place. Some of these bleach compounds (organochorine substances) are actually carincogenic (cancer-causing) and other compounds release gases that eat away and damage lungs creating respiratory problems. When you dump bleach down the drain, your are mixing it with whatever else your neighbors are using to clean their houses and this toxic soup ends up in your watershed., is here to help. There is a different, more effective, and faster way to clean. Start cleaning green today with Norwex Enviro Products. Check out the products that can help you, the coming generations, and the earth itself.

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