Transfer your spending

Norwex has statistics stating that the average household spends approximately $450.00 – 600.00 per year on traditional cleaning products. I know I used to spend about $40.00 a month with paper towel,  Swiffer supplies, laundry soap etc.

I recommend that a household start with the Norwex mop System,  a Rainbow pack of Antibac Envirocloths and an antibac window cloth.  Being able to sweep and mop the floors with the Norwex mop system and wiping down the surfaces of everything else with the Antibac Envirocloth and the Antibac Window Cloth basically handles most of the regular cleaning that you will do.

Therefore, for approximately $200.00, you can get a basic 2 year supply of  cleaning!  That is a savings of $700.00 – $1000.00! ($1200.00 – 200.00 = $1000.00 / $900.00 – $200.00 = $700.00)

After that, it depends on the cleaning priorities in your home. For me, I needed the no-stink Norwex dishcloth and the no-sting, make-up removing, antibac body pack facecloths.  For other people, removing the most dangerous and harmful chemicals like oven cleaner and drain cleaner and replacing them with the safe enzyme Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner and Norwex Drain Care are their priority.

Norwex may seem expensive at first glance, but in the long run, it actually saves you money. Not only does Norwex save you money, it is better for your health, is better for our common environment, cleans better and is faster to clean with than traditional chemical cleaners. Transfer your spending and buy some today!

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