The Fabulous Norwex Dishcloth!

Do you ever have trouble getting your dishcloth into reusable drink containers to wash them?

Do you ever feel like you are scrubbing and scrubbing to get off the leftover goop on the side of your stew/soup pots?

Look no further! The Norwex Dishcloth is the answer!

The Norwex Dishcloth will easily fit into the neck of drink containers. We like to reuse our Gatorade bottles. Washing them out is easy with the Norwex Dishcloth.  Add 1/3 dishwater to the container, cover, and shake! Voila! Clean. Turn it upside down and the Norwex Dishcloth comes to the mouth of the bottle. It easily pulls out.

The Norwex Dishcloth is also tough. I like to compare it to fresh sandpaper vs worn out sandpaper. Regular dishcloths are like the worn out sandpaper – you scrub and scrub and eventually the job gets done. The Norwex dishcloth is like fresh sandpaper – you scrub and stuff comes off right away and it takes only a few rubs and you are done.

Make sure you add the Norwex Dishcloth to your order!

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