Norwex Micro Hand Pad

Norwex® Micro Hand Pad

Two Fantastic uses for the Norwex® Micro Hand Pad!!

The first non-traditional use I found for the  Norwex® Micro Hand Pad was to scrub off all the dirt and green gardening stains off of my fingers! I’ve tried nail brushes and soap but the micropad and water are the VERY best things I’ve found to clean myself up after a gardening session.  My hands were so clean that there were no signs whatsoever that I had been gardening…quick and clean with just water and best of all – chemical free cleaning! No exposure to harmful chemicals.

The second great non-traditional use for the  Norwex® Micro Hand Pad is to deep clean a dirty license plate. You know how you wipe a license plate and there is still a layer of sunbaked in dirt? You can get it off and get it clean with a Norwex® Micro Hand Pad. Even the rust stains from the bolts come off!

Economical cleaning! Efficient cleaning! Just add water! Norwex Enviro Products at


  • $6.99
  • Chemical free cleaning!

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