Body Pack (Norwex face cloth)

One of the three things I bought at the Norwex Party I went to (where I signed up to be a consultant) was the Body Pack. The Body Pack is a set of 3 microfiber facecloths.  I was looking for a sting-free way to remove the waterproof mascara that I wore. When the Norwex consultant told me that these facecloths could remove waterproof mascara with only water, I literally threw my hands up in the air!! I was getting them no matter what!

I admit I was one of those women who had the residue mascara look. I refused to buy chemical makeup removal products that stung my eyes and smelled like toxic waste mingled with perfume. Now though I have a beautiful fresh mascara look because makeup removal is not a problem with the Norwex Body Pack.

The bigger benefit though was my skin!! Before I started using the Norwex Body Pack I had the T-Zone oily patches, large pores, with usually one pimple or more.  The Norwex microfiber facecloths sucked up the excess oil, cleaned out my pores, and I haven’t had a major pimple like before.

I wash my body pack facecloths once a week in my “Norwex load”.

Update –  August 2012: Norwex head office is recommending removing  makeup first with the Makeup Removal Pack and then cleansing the face with the Body Pack.

UPDATE: March 2013 – The Antibac Body Pack – “Natural” are in the 2013 blowout sale which means they will be discontinued.

Antibac Body Pack – Vibrant

Antibac Body Pack - Vintage

Antibac Body Pack – Vintage

Antibac Body Pack – Natural (discontinued)

Makeup Removal Package


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6 responses to “Body Pack (Norwex face cloth)

  1. Mary McCanna

    Is there a special way to clean the Norwex face washcloth anyone could recommend?

    • Yes, I have found that the best way to clean the Norwex Face Cloth (Body Pack) is to hand wash them with the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry detergent by rubbing the cloth against itself, wringing, and rinsing a few times. This is especially true if they are stained with mascara.
      If they are mildly dirty, then a regular cycle in the washing machine does fine.
      I had one customer who just washed her envirocloth in the laundry but it didn’t clean her envirocloth. I was helping her clean at her house and was using the envirocloth and could feel the cloth was “full”. I put some Ultra Power Plus on the cloth and rubbed the envirocloth against itself. Well, the water that came out of the cloth was brown! The cloth was truly full. I called her in to show her. She was appalled and surprised but it was educational to show what the cloth feels like when the microfibers are full and what they feel like when they are empty and ready to clean.
      If you don’t have any Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, I would suggest using a weak solution of dish soap and water and rubbing the cloth against itself, rinsing, and then laundering.
      Just a reminder as well – no fabric softener because it will clog the microfiber.
      I hope that answers your question.

  2. Karen

    I just purchased the antibac body pack & now discontinued!? Are they bad or harmful? Do you wash before you touch your face with them the first time & have to wash after each use? Sounds gross using same cloth over and over.

    • No, they are not discontinued. (That specific color scheme might be retired this year.) No they are not harmful. You start with clean cloths. You wash your face. You refresh your cloths by rinsing them in hot water. There is silver embedded in the cloth. This purifies the cloth for the next use. Launder them once a week. Good for 500 washes. They are fantastic for getting into pores and removing dirt and oil.

  3. Sharon

    Do some of the products have silver threads or something like that to prevent the sour smell? My daughter is in the Philippines and say they smell bad.

    • Yes, Norwex antibac microfiber has silver in the microfiber to kill the bacteria in the cloth. When the fibers are dirty, the silver and the bacteria don’t come in contact with each other and the cloth can start to smell. Laundering in a machine may not agitate enough to clean the cloth. Try washing by hand with detergent, rubbing the cloth vigorously against itself. Wring and rinse repeatedly. Then re-launder. If the smell continues, boil the microfiber. If the smell continues after that, contact your Norwex Consultant and get replacements if it is within the 2 year warranty period. Side note as well, I am finding the Norwex Blue Diamond does a fantastic job of getting rid of the hard water build up on my microfiber. I’m finding that it is helping to restore my microfiber.

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