Norwex Bathmat

Yes, the amazingly plush non-rubber washable Norwex Bathmat (309080) was discontinued in 2010.

UPDATE 2011!

The Norwex Bathmat DID come back in the 2011 New Product Launch!

Bathmat-latte309081UPDATE 2013!

The Bathmat in Mocha is to be discontinued. They will be sold until stock runs out or September 1, 2013. They can be ordered here.

The Norwex Bathmat in Latte is in!  They can be ordered here.


We love the Norwex Bathmat so much because it is so easy to wash! Just throw the thick luxurious mat in the washing machine! No yucky rubber backing to grossly decompose and wreck your washing machine! At our house we do a “Norwex load” once a week. All of our towels, envirocloths, mops, and yes, our bathmat.

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