Norwex 2011 New Product Launch

Fresh out of the 2011 Norwex Conference August 20, 2011 10:00 a.m. Central …

Product information will be updated as more information becomes available…

updated: 12:30 p.m…..

updated 2:30 p.m. …

updated 3:15 p.m. photo gallery at bottom …

updated 8:56 a.m. Aug 22 …

Skin Care

Timeless and Mediterranean Line!

New Packaging to help your organic products stay fresh, hygienic, and last longer!


Enriched Hand Cream
Herbs Cream
Leg Cream
Shea Butter


Face and Neck Gel
Olive Oil Salt Scrub

The new Marine Organics Line!

With the benefits of Sea Plants and Algae
New Packaging to help your organic products stay fresh, hygienic, and last longer!
Body Lotion
Bath and Shower Gel
Eye Lifting Serum
Day Cream
Night Cream

The new Naturally Timeless Line!

For those 35+ who want to be proactive about their skin health
Face Serum
Day Cream

Personal Care!

Bubble Bath

It’s from Norwex so you know it is safe and organic! No man-made chemicals and all plant!

More Home Essentials!

“Fridge So Fresh”

Naturally grown crystals that keep your food and fridge fresh!

Leather Shine

More to come on this one…


Odour Neutralizer …More to come on this one…

Spirinett with Handle

Saves your fingers and nails while scrubbing hard.

New Microfiber Products!

Hand Towel

A new microfiber hand towel for kitchen or bathroom!

Kid’s Towel

In Apple Green. Yay! More Kids Line!


The amazingly plush non-rubber washable Norwex Bathmat has returned in Mocha color!


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2 responses to “Norwex 2011 New Product Launch

  1. Kerry

    Thanks for the update. excited to try some of these things – esp. the fridge crystals and the eye serum!

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