Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh

The Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh is great for getting rid of odours in your fridge but it also can be used in: bathrooms, closets, pet areas, cars, garbage pails, diaper pails and gym lockers! The Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh lasts 6 months.


Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh $13.99


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8 responses to “Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh

  1. Sherry

    Would this also help to keep a freezer fresh? Or would it not work in freezer?
    Please email me. Thanks, Sherry

  2. Christine

    I use this by the cat litter and it worked great for a month but its starting to lose effictivness, Can I wash it to refresh the crystal?

  3. Linda

    Just purchased this product on the weekend and was told by the consultant it lasts up to 1 year. Fact or fiction?

    Linda in Calgary

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