My favorite tweets about Norwex

  • Help me stop millions of liters/yr of Mr. Clean, Lysol, and Pine Sol, from going down the drain and into our environment by buying Norwex.
  • Norwex Mop System: just wet, wipe, rip, and rinse! No buckets to fill, lift, and dump and no heavy mop to wring. Economical vs dispose-a-mop.
  • Did you know that chemical cleaners are specific to certain types of germs? Why not use Norwex instead and pick up 99.9% without chemicals.
  • Dust Mites and dander – terminate and eliminate them in your mattress for 4-6 months with Norwex Mattress Cleaner!
  • Don’t be a human lab rat for the cleaning chemicals companies’ untested “New and Improved” chemical formulas.
  • Norwex finds Nature’s solutions to Nature’s odors and residues to give you non-chemical and all natural ways to efficiently clean your home.
  • Norwex has kid safe chemical free cleaning.

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