A Clean Dining Table

It’s a little thing really. I value a clean dining table. Before Norwex, I didn’t wipe my dining table  as much because I felt I needed a chemical like dish soap or an All Purpose Spray to clean it properly but I didn’t want to haul it out because it felt like work – zealous work. Now, after supper, I run my envirocloth under some hot water, walk over to the table, wipe it off and the job is done. The table is clean, it is not wet, and it looks great. I love looking at a clean table. It’s a little thing but it is another way that Norwex has improved my quality of life.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t know what I did before I got my Enviro Cloth. My 3 year old makes SUCH a mess at our table EVERY-SINGLE-MEAL. We’ve finally gotten to the stage where he can wipe up his own mess, thankfully. But I still use the Enviro Cloth on our table at least 3 times a day.

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