Mmmm! Bacon!

I bought some bacon at the farmers market yesterday. We had bacon this morning – Mmmm! I like mine crunchy.

Well, you know bacon. It splatters a lot. The stove was covered with little bitty grease splashes. Are you thinking, ugh what a mess to clean up? Not so my friends! I have Norwex! I just took my damp Norwex Kitchen Cloth and wiped the stove top and the back control panel and it picked up that bacon grease like nothing. Wipe, wipe, wipe, I’m done and here blogging with ya! Oh, and did I tell you I waited until the stove was cold? Yup, still not a problem!

Now, off to mow the lawn. Take care!

Note: The Kitchen Cloth Set (in beige, olive green, and taupe) has been recently discontinued but no worries – you can use either the new kitchen cloths (salmon or blue) or the envirocloth (red, blue, yellow or green) and still get the same great results!

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