2013 Norwex catalogue is coming.

Just a reminder that the 2013 Norwex catalogue is on its way. Every year the prices change and some products get discontinued. If you are counting on a certain product at a certain price, now is the time to order. Happy Holidays!

UPDATE! – Dec. 13, 2012 – I got a sneak peek at the catalogue today! I love the cover. A house with a porch! I love porches. The prices seem pretty stable! I will post it when I get permission.

UPDATE-2! – Dec 17, 2012 – I’ve posted the 2013 catalogue. Here’s the link! 2013 Norwex Catalogue


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2 responses to “2013 Norwex catalogue is coming.

  1. Audrey Peace

    I purchased the mattress cleaner and would like to know what ingredients is in the liquid before I go to use it. I have the Norwex cloths for windows mirrors etc and I have to say they are wonderful.

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