Fast Fridge Clean with Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth

Cleaning the fridge is a chore most people dread. Do you want it to be easier? I have the tool for you. It is the Norwex Kitchen Scrub cloth! kitchen-scrub-clothYou know how spills in the fridge dry up or condense? Milk, syrop, soy sauce, meat drippings, yogurt, a variety of leftovers all make a nasty mess in the fridge. The Norwex Kitchen Scrub cloth RIPS through them all with the least amount of effort. Follow up with an envirocloth and your fridge is clean very quickly. I cleaned  our fridge with the Kitchen Scrub Cloth today (because it’s grocery day and it was pretty empty!) and it was so quick and easy to clean. Best thing? No chemicals required! Just hot water!

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