Norwex helps reduce body burden

Body Burden: The buildup of toxins (man-made or natural)  in the body faster than the body is able to metabolize and excrete them.

Have you recently discovered your body is diseased and want to give it a fighting chance? Are you needing to get rid of the cleaning chemicals in your life? I have part of the solution for you: Norwex chemical free cleaning.

Norwex and its liberating antibac microfiber can enable you to ditch the cleaning chemicals and get the Real Clean you desire. Norwex microfiber cleans better than chemicals because it lifts microscopic particles off the surface and leaves it truly clean.
Chemical cleaners sit on the surface and create a challenge for germs to try to overcome. Sometimes germs do mutate to overcome the chemicals trying to kill them. They become resistant. The chemical residue also becomes an adherent for more dirt and germs to adhere to. [June 2013 UPDATE: Here’s a good scientific article showing that chemical cleaners create resistant germs – “Effect of subinhibitory concentrations of benzalkonium chloride on the competitiveness of Pseudomonas aeruginosa grown in continuous culture.”]

How do chemicals get in the body? By inhalation and by contact with the skin. That smell that you think means clean really isn’t. Clean doesn’t smell. All that dipping, wringing, and wiping means it’s on your skin and if it is on your skin it can get into you bloodstream.

With Norwex you get the clean without mutation, residue, and toxins. Give it a try. Come see the Norwex products that can help you ditch the chemicals.

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