2014 Norwex Catalogue!

2014 Norwex Catalogue USA

2014 Norwex Catalogue USA

2014 Norwex Catalogue Canada

2014 Norwex Catalogue Canada


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5 responses to “2014 Norwex Catalogue!

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  3. Monica Toope

    Hi there
    I hate cleaning windows, and I recently had to clean all my client’s windows in her home..
    I used the antibacterial fibre cloth to wash the windows and used the dry cloth to dry it..
    I was extremely impressed! Can you please mail me the catalogue, ASAP?
    I would love to order some items!

    Thank you very much!
    Monica Toope

  4. Candy

    I used the cleaning cloth to wash all my windows and the polishing cloth to wipe the windows. They are very good!! No streaks and the windows look extremely clean! I was not sure if I was suppose to dry the windows when they were still wet or wait till they dried and then use the polish cloth? Does anyone know who can tell me please? No wasting a roll of paper towels and a bottle of windex!!

    • You did it perfectly: wash with the envirocloth and dry to a streak free finish with the window cloth. Good job! Don’t forget to do the same thing to the bathroom mirrors 🙂

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