Norwex Back Scrubber

Back Scrub

I knew this product would meet a need in the market when I first saw it. My only hesitation was that it would be too hard to wring out. I’m writing this post to let everyone know that the Norwex back scrubber is really easy to wring out! You can fold it and wring it, and fold it again and wring it, and fold it a third time and wring it and it nicely collapses. When I’m done wringing it out, I just drape mine on the end of the shower rod away from the sprayer. Also, the picture doesn’t show it but one side has a rougher texture and the other side is super soft. The length makes it really easy to use as well. So, if you’ve been settling for washing only the part of your back you can reach, settle no more! This is a great product that you get your money’s worth out of quickly.

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