Norwex Drain Care – discontinued

Aw. It is always sad to see a great product get discontinued because of low sales. I loved the Norwex Drain Care because it is safe. Sadly it has been discontinued.


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3 responses to “Norwex Drain Care – discontinued

  1. Laura

    I really liked that product. Any chance you will be returning This product?

    • It is not for me to say since I am just an Independent Salesperson, but there have been products that have been brought back. The pet mitt and towel have come back. The Rainbow Package came back. The Scent Discs have also returned. The Drain Care may return, you never know.

  2. Mike

    I don’t think you should discontinue a product because of low sales
    it was a good product
    eventually youll sell more
    Don’t you make money on other products?

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