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The Fall 2019 Norwex Product Launch!

Feel free to contact me about any of the new products! Click on picture to enlarge.

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New Norwex Products! Fall 2018!

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New 2017 Norwex Products!

Welcome to the new 2017 Norwex Products! I would love to hear which product you are most excited about! Click on the picture to go to my Norwex retail website to purchase. (Still waiting for links to optic scarf and Liquid Laundry Detergent.) You can also go to the New Products page to buy:

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2016 Norwex Product Launch!

2016 Cutting board2016 Wrinkle release2016 Oil Energizing2016 Adult toothpaste 2016 Body Scrub Mitt 2016 Car Mitt 2016 Chenille Hand Towel 2016 Children Toothpaste 2016 Deodorant 2016 Mop Handle 2016 Pet to Dry2016 Pet Mitt 2016 Pet Towel

Read more about each new product in the Product Launch Flyer! Click Picture to go to the flyer. Want to see more? Come check out the 2016 Fall Catalogue too!

2016 Norwex Product Launch Flyer

2016 Norwex Product Launch Flyer

2016 Norwex Fall Catalogue

2016 Norwex Fall Catalogue






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2015 Norwex Fall Catalogue

2015 Norwex Catalogue Fall

Click picture to go to the online flipbook

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August 20, 2015 · 1:31 pm

New Norwex Products 2015!

Welcome to the new Norwex products 2015! I’d love to have you share, share, share this post!

The new products will be available for sale on August 2, 2015 at noon!

We now have the Bathroom Scrub Mitt in grey! $25.49  Buy Online


We have an EnviroCloth with a build in magnet so you can hang it up! Note that they call it an EnviroTowel. $24.99 Buy Online

Magnetic EnviroCloth

We have silicone lids for bakeware and drinking glasses! Cup lids $15.99, rectangular lids $29.99, square lids $15.99 Click here for the bakeware lids. Click here for the cup lids.
Silicone Lids

We have reusable grocery bags that are Baclock! $6.99 (available in October)

Grocery Bag

We have the bath mat in graphite! $39.99 Buy Online


We have a new Wet Wipes bag! $19.99  Buy online

Wet Wipes

We have a new product to replace plastic water bottles! $49.99 for the system. $29.99 for the replacement filters (good for 100 fillings) Click here to buy the system  and here to buy filters!

Water Filter

We have a new Back Scrubber! $19.99 Buy Online

Back Scrub

We have a fun way for kids to dry their hands – little microfiber animals to pet! $21.99 Buy Online

Kids Dry Hands

We have improved the bottle brush! Set of 2 extensions $15.99 Buy Online

Bottle Brush new

We now have the Entry Mat in grey! $69.99 (available in October)

Bath Mat

We have improved our microfiber! Norwex microfiber removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces! Woot! $17.49 We also have a new color, grey! Buy Online

Microfiber improvements

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Norwex Product Launch Reward

House_Logo_Tag_FullColor_cmykNorwex Head Office has given Norwex Consultants the opportunity to earn the new Norwex products to be launched in August. To earn the new Norwex Products I need great sales in July! I want to earn those new products! If you have Norwex products you want to order it would really make a difference to me if you ordered them this month of July!

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Reformulated Norwex Products January 2015

New Products

Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, Stain Remover, Dishwashing liquid, Dish Cloth – blue.

New Products 2015

Fresh Produce Wash, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Hand Cream.

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Norwex October Launch Products are here!


Click the links to go directly to my Norwex Retail Website!

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Norwex Product Videos 2014

Norwex Silicone Lids – New Colors

Norwex Optic Scarf – New Colors

Norwex Kitchen Cloths – New Colors

Norwex Air Freshener

Reusable Produce Bags – Set of 3

Norwex Entry Mat

Norwex Bottle Brush and Enviro Sleeve

Norwex Double Sided Mop

Don’t forget to check out my post about the Norwex Fall Catalogue!

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