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Norwex Mini Spray Bottles

Introducing Norwex Mini Spray Bottles!

Perfect for the purse or glove box! Available through Norwex consultants only.

(Not available on Norwex on Consultant Retail Websites)

Norwex Spray Bottles

S99805 Set of 3 for $2.99


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Safe Haven Starter Kit

Norwex Head Office just announced that in June, if you join my team, your first sales consultant recruit can join for free!  Your Safe Haven Starter Kit has the Safe Haven Application and contract in it so you can get your own sales team started right away. To top it off, if you use your Safe Haven Application and get your sales team started before the end of June, you will have no sales requirement with your enrolment. How awesome is that?!

UPDATE – So it sounds like we have some people who are wanting to join for free and we have people that want to start a team but don’t have anyone. Why don’t we match the two up together? If you are interested in either option, let me know.


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Norwex Party Guests – Direct Ship to your home.

Norwex party guests will now have the option to direct ship their order to their home instead of having their order shipped to the hostess or consultant to package it for them. This option will be shipped at the tiered rate (see below and click to expand). New party order forms will be available to show this option .

Shipping Rate - May 2015

Consultants – when entering the party, there is a new “radio button” at the individual party guest order page for you to choose the shipping method. The default is ship “with party” so you have to override that by choosing the “Direct Ship” option and enter the address to ship to. The only restriction is that there can not be international guests, or in other words, all guest orders have to ship within the same country.

This new service is in addition to non-attending guests being able to place an online order themselves through the consultant’s website. Non-attending guests’ online orders will be counted as party guests, which is beneficial to the hostess to receive hostess rewards, but the non-attending guests need to declare their hostess upon ordering in order to tie their order to the party.

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Join Norwex for Free! Free Yourself September 2014

Consultants: The Sign-Up Form for this special offer is on under: Resources ->Forms -> Sept Application.

Potential Consultants: Online Sign Up Link

Starter Kit - Enhanced

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Join Norwex for Free! (Feb. 2014)

Join Norwex Free! 2014

It’s back! For a limited time, you can join Norwex for free! It’s a great opportunity to build a team for yourself as well! Click for more information.


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Canadian Join Free Month – Norwex (July 2013)

Canadians can now start their own business and become a Norwex Consultant for FREE from June 17 – July 31, 2013!!

Sign up here! Become a Norwex Consultant FREE!

Join Free Month

Did you miss it? Joining Norwex is still economical. There are 2 choices: The conditional free Starter Kit or the traditional $59.99 Starter Kit. The free Starter Kit is free if you have $2000 in sales in 90 days. Check out the Starter Kits here.

Join Norwex Free – February 2014

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Practical Party Products

Norwex is a Direct Sales Business with practical products.

Have you ever wanted to try a home based business but felt like the products out there didn’t match your personality or passion? If you are interested in a selling a practical product that will make a positive environmental difference in the world I would invite you to think about becoming a Norwex Consultant.

I know there are many customers out there who love Norwex products. If you are a lover of Norwex, think about becoming a consultant. You are already doing half the job by raving about the product – why not get paid for it?

Visit my pages to learn more:

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