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Do you know what's in your cleaning products? posted this great video: Do you know what’s in your cleaning products? 

One of my favorite quotes from the video is this:

“There are about 9,000 chemicals on the market today that have not been fully tested for safety,” said Urvashi Rangan, senior scientist at Consumers Union.

Here, at, I’m so pleased to be able to offer you chemical-free cleaning that works!  Oil, butter, and even grease are easy to clean with just water and Norwex® microfiber products. It truly is amazing.

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Cancer Causing Chemical found in childrens and adult bath products


The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics posted this article: Cancer Causing Chemical found in childrens and adult bath products. At the bottom of the page is a list, by brand name, of products with the cancer causing chemical!

[Norwex used to sell Organic Body Wash but it was discontinued in the 2011 catalogue. Hopefully it will come back because I LOVE the Organic Body Wash!!! ]

UPDATE: Norwex Launched the Marine Organics Line in August 2011 which includes a body wash!

403050 Norwex Marine Organics Body Lotion

Marine Organics Body Lotion

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10 Reasons to Use Microfiber Mopping

The Sustainable Hospitals Project posted 10 Reasons to Use Microfiber Mopping

One of my favorites is #9: The Used Mop Head is changed after every room and sent for laundering. Because soiled cloths are never returned to the cleaning solution, risk of cross contamination between rooms is eliminated.

Remember though that with Norwex® Microfiber you only need to use water. All Norwex microfiber will pick up bacteria, viruses and yeasts off of surfaces.  The Antibac products not only remove but also kill:  E. Coli, MRSA, SARS, Staphylococcus areus, Streptococcus faecalis, Candida albicans and several other pathogens.


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