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Norwex 2011 New Product Launch

Fresh out of the 2011 Norwex Conference August 20, 2011 10:00 a.m. Central …

Product information will be updated as more information becomes available…

updated: 12:30 p.m…..

updated 2:30 p.m. …

updated 3:15 p.m. photo gallery at bottom …

updated 8:56 a.m. Aug 22 …

Skin Care

Timeless and Mediterranean Line!

New Packaging to help your organic products stay fresh, hygienic, and last longer!


Enriched Hand Cream
Herbs Cream
Leg Cream
Shea Butter


Face and Neck Gel
Olive Oil Salt Scrub

The new Marine Organics Line!

With the benefits of Sea Plants and Algae
New Packaging to help your organic products stay fresh, hygienic, and last longer!
Body Lotion
Bath and Shower Gel
Eye Lifting Serum
Day Cream
Night Cream

The new Naturally Timeless Line!

For those 35+ who want to be proactive about their skin health
Face Serum
Day Cream

Personal Care!

Bubble Bath

It’s from Norwex so you know it is safe and organic! No man-made chemicals and all plant!

More Home Essentials!

“Fridge So Fresh”

Naturally grown crystals that keep your food and fridge fresh!

Leather Shine

More to come on this one…


Odour Neutralizer …More to come on this one…

Spirinett with Handle

Saves your fingers and nails while scrubbing hard.

New Microfiber Products!

Hand Towel

A new microfiber hand towel for kitchen or bathroom!

Kid’s Towel

In Apple Green. Yay! More Kids Line!


The amazingly plush non-rubber washable Norwex Bathmat has returned in Mocha color!


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Norwex Bathmat

Yes, the amazingly plush non-rubber washable Norwex Bathmat (309080) was discontinued in 2010.

UPDATE 2011!

The Norwex Bathmat DID come back in the 2011 New Product Launch!

Bathmat-latte309081UPDATE 2013!

The Bathmat in Mocha is to be discontinued. They will be sold until stock runs out or September 1, 2013. They can be ordered here.

The Norwex Bathmat in Latte is in!  They can be ordered here.


We love the Norwex Bathmat so much because it is so easy to wash! Just throw the thick luxurious mat in the washing machine! No yucky rubber backing to grossly decompose and wreck your washing machine! At our house we do a “Norwex load” once a week. All of our towels, envirocloths, mops, and yes, our bathmat.

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Optic cloth gets new look!

The Optic cloth got a new look and new number today!

The Optic cloth has been improved with a beautiful pre-printed Norwex logo!

New number: 305203

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Norwex Bathrobe

The Extra Large Bathrobe, Item #309062 has been discontinued, effective immediately. The Medium and Large sizes are still available.

UPDATE: All sizes of the Norwex Bathrobe have been discontinued as of Fall 2011.

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Antibac Body Pack – additional colors




Now you have more choice! You can now order the amazing chemical-free make-up removing Antibac Body Pack in either Vibrant (309042) or Natural (309043).

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2009 Norwex Fall Flyer!

I am so happy to share with you the 2009 Norwex Fall Flyer! I must admit, I had my doubts about how they could top last years Ecocert exceeding Organic Line of Personal Care Products.  When I saw this year’s products, I was blown away. Norwex  faced-off  against two of the MOST caustic, environmentally damaging,  and dangerous household chemicals – and WON!



Norwex Drain Care digests protein, starch, carbohydrates, animal and

Norwex Drain Care

vegetable fats and oils, as well as paper and cellulose products! It contains no poisons, acids, solvents or caustics! The GREAT attribute is that it is not only SAFE for SEPTIC SYSTEMS it is actually good for septic systems! It is also safe for Recreational Vehicles (RV’s).

Oven and Grill Cleaner

Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner  works in 5 minutes! Norwex is the first company to get a fast acting organic oven cleaner.

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Antibac Baby Body Pack – color change


The Antibac Baby Body Pack has changed colors! Very bright and cheery for babies!

Baby Body Pack

Antibac Baby Body Pack $15.99

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