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Naturally Timeless Anti-Gravity Night Cream

The new Norwex Naturally Timeless Anti-Gravity Night Cream is now available for order on my Norwex Retail website! Just click the picture.Norwex Naturally Timeless Anti-Gravity Night Cream

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Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh

The Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh is great for getting rid of odours in your fridge but it also can be used in: bathrooms, closets, pet areas, cars, garbage pails, diaper pails and gym lockers! The Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh lasts 6 months.


Norwex Fridge-So-Fresh $13.99


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Norwex 2011 New Product Launch

Fresh out of the 2011 Norwex Conference August 20, 2011 10:00 a.m. Central …

Product information will be updated as more information becomes available…

updated: 12:30 p.m…..

updated 2:30 p.m. …

updated 3:15 p.m. photo gallery at bottom …

updated 8:56 a.m. Aug 22 …

Skin Care

Timeless and Mediterranean Line!

New Packaging to help your organic products stay fresh, hygienic, and last longer!


Enriched Hand Cream
Herbs Cream
Leg Cream
Shea Butter


Face and Neck Gel
Olive Oil Salt Scrub

The new Marine Organics Line!

With the benefits of Sea Plants and Algae
New Packaging to help your organic products stay fresh, hygienic, and last longer!
Body Lotion
Bath and Shower Gel
Eye Lifting Serum
Day Cream
Night Cream

The new Naturally Timeless Line!

For those 35+ who want to be proactive about their skin health
Face Serum
Day Cream

Personal Care!

Bubble Bath

It’s from Norwex so you know it is safe and organic! No man-made chemicals and all plant!

More Home Essentials!

“Fridge So Fresh”

Naturally grown crystals that keep your food and fridge fresh!

Leather Shine

More to come on this one…


Odour Neutralizer …More to come on this one…

Spirinett with Handle

Saves your fingers and nails while scrubbing hard.

New Microfiber Products!

Hand Towel

A new microfiber hand towel for kitchen or bathroom!

Kid’s Towel

In Apple Green. Yay! More Kids Line!


The amazingly plush non-rubber washable Norwex Bathmat has returned in Mocha color!


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Norwex Envirocloth

The Most Used Norwex Product

The Norwex Envirocloth is the most used product in my home. I am a stay-at-home mom and I am constantly cleaning up other little people’s messes. Whether it is milk on the table from someone blowing bubbles with their straw even when I’ve told them not to or wiping up mac and cheese off the floor because someone is learning to use a spoon my envirocloth is on the go all day long.

The Envirocloth Lifts

The attribute I love the most about my Envirocloth is that it lifts. It lifts goop. Before I owned an Envirocloth, I remember looking at the goop building up on my dish rack tray. I remember thinking, I don’t want to add chemicals to this and just kill it and leave it on there. I want something that will actually lift this off and take it away. I am so happy I found something that will lift the goop!

I remember the day I realized that my kitchen table looked brand new because the Envirocloth had lifted the layer of whatever it was that was making my table look dirty and old. Every time I wipe my counter after doing dishes I get the same thought of how unused or unworn my countertop looks.

The Envirocloth is Environmentally Responsible

I used to buy the big 6 packs of paper towel. Since owning an Envirocloth, that 6 pack of paper towel lasted 3 years! I can’t help but wonder what an impact it would make if every household had just one Envirocloth in their kitchen.

The Envirocloth is Cost Effective

The Norwex Envirocloth is warrantied for 2 years but has been lasting customers longer than that, but for 2 years, that’s only 2 cents a day! If you use it as much as I do, you will get your money’s worth in no time!

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Norwex Kids Line!

Help your children learn how to clean without worrying about toxic chemicals!

Kids Backpack

A brilliant orange backpack to carry a lunch, gym clothes, or to be used for a trip to the park. Light and easy to open and close.


Kids Cloth Package

Children will enjoy helping to clean with this colorful kid sized cloth package! By using these exciting Norwex products, children can learn how to clean with only microfiber and water.

  • dusting mitt (green)
  • window cloth (orange)
  • envirocloth (blue)


Kids Mop Package

The Kids Mop Package is designed to make cleaning fun! Kids are sure to enjoy this Mop Package made especially for them in bright colors!  Existing small Mop Pads will fit the Kids Mop base.

  • telescopic handle (yellow)
  • mop base
  • dry mop
  • wet mop

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Norwex Micro Hand Pad

Norwex® Micro Hand Pad

Two Fantastic uses for the Norwex® Micro Hand Pad!!

The first non-traditional use I found for the  Norwex® Micro Hand Pad was to scrub off all the dirt and green gardening stains off of my fingers! I’ve tried nail brushes and soap but the micropad and water are the VERY best things I’ve found to clean myself up after a gardening session.  My hands were so clean that there were no signs whatsoever that I had been gardening…quick and clean with just water and best of all – chemical free cleaning! No exposure to harmful chemicals.

The second great non-traditional use for the  Norwex® Micro Hand Pad is to deep clean a dirty license plate. You know how you wipe a license plate and there is still a layer of sunbaked in dirt? You can get it off and get it clean with a Norwex® Micro Hand Pad. Even the rust stains from the bolts come off!

Economical cleaning! Efficient cleaning! Just add water! Norwex Enviro Products at


  • $6.99
  • Chemical free cleaning!

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Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner

I cleaned my oven again with the Norwex Organic 5 minute Oven Cleaner. I love that I’m not avoiding dealing with the oven when it needs it. I’m going to actually be able to keep on top of the oven splatters! I’m going to be able to take a few minutes when it needs it – not wait until I break down from guilt to deal with it!

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Another use for Fresh Wash

I love finding additional and alternative uses for Norwex Products.

My latest find was when my husband placed his lunch dishes on the counter. He had taken some leftovers to work for lunch.  That was Friday. He put the dishes on the counter Monday morning.  Can you say multiply?  I went to open them to wash them. Mistake! Whew! Stinky!

That’s where the Norwex Fresh Wash comes in. Norwex Fresh Wash breaks down bacterial biofilm on fruits and vegetables. I figured, why not try the Fresh Wash on the stinky bacteria laden lunch dish and see what happens? Well it worked! The foul stink of Friday’s leftovers disappeared and I was able to wash and reuse the dish. Another Norwex success story!

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Norwex Spirisponge

SpirispongeThere have been a lot of uses for the Norwex Spirisponge – even after they have reached their expired state – such as using them to scrub the dead bugs off of the grill of the vehicle. Today I found another great use for the expired spirisponge: cleaning art paintbrushes with dried and semi-dried paint on them.  They cleaned up so fast – about 2 seconds per paintbrush! Love it!

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Norwex Micropad & Trend

Trend Enterprises Teaching Products Oh how I love them! I purchased (from Trend) reusable wipe off sentence strips.  As I pack for our move, I found some sentence strips that had fallen behind a piece of furniture. I tried to wipe the dried on ink off of them but no luck. I tried the traditional rubbing alcohol but that didn’t work either. Then, DING! Try Norwex! I used the Norwex Micropad and it safely and efficiently removed the marker ink off the sentence strip with just water.

Don’t be afraid to buy their products if you’ve formerly  heard of others being unsuccessful at getting the ink off.  Just get a Norwex Micropad instead! (It’s a chemical free version of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.)

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