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2011 Norwex Fall Flyer pdf link

This flyer shows all the new products and explains the amazing algae and marine plant ingredients in the Marine Line and the Uttwiler-Spatlauber ingredients in the new Naturally Timeless Line.

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Product Launch Summary

Print me! Just to summarize the 2011 Norwex Product Launch:

New Products

  1. Handtowel $18.99
  2. Kids’ Towel $39.99
  3. Day Cream (Naturally Timeless) (+35 version) $59.99
  4. Face Serum (Naturally Timeless) (+35 version) $59.99
  5. Kids’ All Natural Bubble Bath $20.99
  6. Mighty Mesh Pot Scrubber $8.99
  7. Fridge So Fresh $13.99
  8. Leather Shine $33.99
  9. Refresh $17.99
Returning Products
  1. BathMat $39.99
  2. Body Lotion (see next section)
Reformulated Products
  1. Day Cream (Marine Line) $44.99
  2. Night Cream (Marine Line) $44.99
  3. Eye Lifting Serum (Marine Line) $45.99
  4. Bath & Shower Gel (Marine Line) $19.99
  5. Body Lotion (Marine Line) $34.99
Repackaged/Rebranded Products
  1. Shea Butter (Timeless Line) $28.99
  2. Hand Cream (Timeless Line) $22.99
  3. Herbs Cream (Timeless Line) $27.99
  4. Foot Lotion (Timeless Line) $32.99
  5. Leg Cream (Timeless Line) $30.99
  6. Face & Neck Gel (Mediterranean Line) $43.99
  7. Olive Oil Salt Scrub (Mediterranean Line) $39.99
So that adds up to a total of 22 products (body lotion is in list twice) at the product launch. Very exciting! Time to go share the news!
Update: In case you were wondering how much it would cost to add all these things to your demo kit, the answer is $733.78 (retail / Subtotal A) with $30.00 Shipping and Handling.

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2011 Norwex Fall Flyer Items

Aug 22 12:39 p.m. …I’ll be adding product descriptions as they become available.

To purchase, go to the picture link on the right: Click to Order/Buy Norwex ->

Aug 23 9:10 p.m. …thank you for coming to visit my pages!

New Microfiber Products

Bath & Body Microfiber

Norwex Hand Towel Antibac

309001 Norwex Hand Towel Antibac

The NEW Norwex Antibacterial Hand Towel, a great companion to our wonderful Bath Towel! Dries fast with incredible absorption.
35 cm x 70 cm – Taupe
2-year warranty

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