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New Norwex Products! Fall 2018!

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New Norwex Products 2015!

Welcome to the new Norwex products 2015! I’d love to have you share, share, share this post!

The new products will be available for sale on August 2, 2015 at noon!

We now have the Bathroom Scrub Mitt in grey! $25.49  Buy Online


We have an EnviroCloth with a build in magnet so you can hang it up! Note that they call it an EnviroTowel. $24.99 Buy Online

Magnetic EnviroCloth

We have silicone lids for bakeware and drinking glasses! Cup lids $15.99, rectangular lids $29.99, square lids $15.99 Click here for the bakeware lids. Click here for the cup lids.
Silicone Lids

We have reusable grocery bags that are Baclock! $6.99 (available in October)

Grocery Bag

We have the bath mat in graphite! $39.99 Buy Online


We have a new Wet Wipes bag! $19.99  Buy online

Wet Wipes

We have a new product to replace plastic water bottles! $49.99 for the system. $29.99 for the replacement filters (good for 100 fillings) Click here to buy the system  and here to buy filters!

Water Filter

We have a new Back Scrubber! $19.99 Buy Online

Back Scrub

We have a fun way for kids to dry their hands – little microfiber animals to pet! $21.99 Buy Online

Kids Dry Hands

We have improved the bottle brush! Set of 2 extensions $15.99 Buy Online

Bottle Brush new

We now have the Entry Mat in grey! $69.99 (available in October)

Bath Mat

We have improved our microfiber! Norwex microfiber removes up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces! Woot! $17.49 We also have a new color, grey! Buy Online

Microfiber improvements

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Norwex Fall Catalogue 2014 – New Product Launch!

Fall-Catalogue 2014

2014 Norwex Fall Catalogue – Canada – Click to view


2014 Norwex Fall Catalogue – French – Click to view


2014 Norwex Fall Catalogue – Spanish – Click to view


2014 Norwex Catalogue – USA – Click to view


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