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Chemicals, pollution, and Autism

Several studies published in 2012 (Deeper Understanding of Link between Chemical Pollutants and Autism) have come to strongly suspect chemicals in the form of pesticides and air pollution as playing a significant role in the increased prevalence of autism rates. While Norwex products help you radically reduce the use of chemicals for your home and body and help prevent superbugs, we as a society need to do more to take care of ourselves, our planet, and all that inhabit it. ¬†Earth Day is approaching. Let’s think about it.

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Cleaning chemicals and Autism

I recently read an article “Are Chemicals Contributing to Autism rise?” The main points of the article are that (A) cleaning chemicals affect hormones and (B) hormones affect brain development and the immune system and (C) autism is about brain development and autistic children also displays immune problems.

I found it interesting that the group pushing for tighter regulations on chemicals was named Safer Chemicals, Healthier Families. Perhaps they haven’t yet heard that you can clean without chemicals? Well, that’s why I’m here blogging away about safer cleaning with Norwex Enviro Products! “Just add water!”

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