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Norwex Testimonials

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Testimonials of My Personal Customers

The Norwex DeScaler took most of the rust off my bathtub the first time I used it!

Laurie, Alberta

My floor used to be a disaster. I could never get into the corners. With my back the way it is now, I can’t get down like I used to. I love the mop package I got!

Joan, Alberta

I just have to tell you!! I got to use my new mop today and WOW!! It is wonderful!! What a great product and so environmentally friendly!! I love the new yellow and blue cloths, especially, as well. Thx!!!!!

Lisa, British Columbia

My grandchild wrote with permanent marker on my son’s LCD TV screen. The envirocloth got it off! I call it the miracle cloth! [envirocloth]

Yvonne, Alberta

My Testimonial

Also, check out my personal testimonials. At the bottom of the page are “Categories” of posts. Click on “My Testimonial” and you’ll see all the blog posts in that category.

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