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Norwex Peppermint Foam Soap – Sample Size

Foam Soap - Peppermint - TrialSizeThey’re so cute!!! Available through consultants only (supply order) – Norwex Peppermint Foam Soap  – Sample/Purse Size! They are refillable too! 

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Norwex Foam Soap

When I first became a Norwex consultant, I got the Foam Soap to try it out. At that same time, my youngest son was dealing with warts on his fingers. We had done the Compound W treatments over and over and weren’t successful. When I was mustering up for another round of Compound W and a 3 year old, I went to check his fingers and his warts were all gone! I firmly attribute it to the Norwex foam soap ingredients and the ease of washing his hands with the Norwex Foam Soap. That’s my testimonial of the Foam Soap.

Norwex Foam Soap $16.99

Norwex Foam Soap Refill $28.99

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