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Body Pack (Norwex face cloth)

One of the three things I bought at the Norwex Party I went to (where I signed up to be a consultant) was the Body Pack. The Body Pack is a set of 3 microfiber facecloths.  I was looking for a sting-free way to remove the waterproof mascara that I wore. When the Norwex consultant told me that these facecloths could remove waterproof mascara with only water, I literally threw my hands up in the air!! I was getting them no matter what!

I admit I was one of those women who had the residue mascara look. I refused to buy chemical makeup removal products that stung my eyes and smelled like toxic waste mingled with perfume. Now though I have a beautiful fresh mascara look because makeup removal is not a problem with the Norwex Body Pack.

The bigger benefit though was my skin!! Before I started using the Norwex Body Pack I had the T-Zone oily patches, large pores, with usually one pimple or more.  The Norwex microfiber facecloths sucked up the excess oil, cleaned out my pores, and I haven’t had a major pimple like before.

I wash my body pack facecloths once a week in my “Norwex load”.

Update –  August 2012: Norwex head office is recommending removing  makeup first with the Makeup Removal Pack and then cleansing the face with the Body Pack.

UPDATE: March 2013 – The Antibac Body Pack – “Natural” are in the 2013 blowout sale which means they will be discontinued.

Antibac Body Pack – Vibrant

Antibac Body Pack - Vintage

Antibac Body Pack – Vintage

Antibac Body Pack – Natural (discontinued)

Makeup Removal Package


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