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Have a Norwex Party without even being home and still earn the mop!

Party Planning

Our super cool new websites have the ability to do online parties! Why is that so cool? It’s summer! Everyone has disappeared to all sorts of places but you and your friends can order from wherever you are by going online and you still earn the July/August Hostess Reward of the Norwex Mop System (with a booking)!

Here’s how it works:

  1. I set up your online party.
  2. I send you the link to your hostess portal.portal link
  3. You send your friends e-invites to their e-mail address.E-Invite
  4. Your friends order online and can invite even more friends to your online party.Party Invite Shop
  5. You choose your products with your hostess credits.
  6. When your party is done, I submit it with your booking.
  7. Your order arrives and your friends can pick them up from you when they get back (or have  it shipped to them at the tiered rate).

It’s super easy!


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