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Canada’s Environment Week

Canadian Environment Week’s pledge form to be eco-friendly! Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products is one of the pledges! Yay Norwex! I’m happy to be selling products that are practical and make a difference!

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Norwex Kids Line!

Help your children learn how to clean without worrying about toxic chemicals!

Kids Backpack

A brilliant orange backpack to carry a lunch, gym clothes, or to be used for a trip to the park. Light and easy to open and close.


Kids Cloth Package

Children will enjoy helping to clean with this colorful kid sized cloth package! By using these exciting Norwex products, children can learn how to clean with only microfiber and water.

  • dusting mitt (green)
  • window cloth (orange)
  • envirocloth (blue)


Kids Mop Package

The Kids Mop Package is designed to make cleaning fun! Kids are sure to enjoy this Mop Package made especially for them in bright colors!  Existing small Mop Pads will fit the Kids Mop base.

  • telescopic handle (yellow)
  • mop base
  • dry mop
  • wet mop

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safer cleaning

Norwex Microfiber allows you to clean without chemicals. Norwex Microfiber allows you to clean with just tap water at a great savings to you. Norwex Microfiber and water cleans thoroughly and deeply removing dirt, grease, and tiny particles off of surfaces.

Cleaning without chemicals will benefit your health. The cleaning products on the shelves of stores are starting to be tested. The findings show that cleaning chemicals are disrupting our body chemistry. Our body can’t get rid of the chemicals and they build up in the body causing disease. Cleaning without chemicals is the answer.

Norwex started with microfiber but has expanded in order to help reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Norwex uses nature’s solution to nature’s odors and residue. Many of the environmentally gentle cleaning products from Norwex use microorganisms and enzymes found in nature. These products are chemical free cleaning solutions that tackle the toughest cleaning problems: drains, ovens, soap scum, and dust mite dander.

Norwex is also keenly aware of the cleaning products we put directly on our skin. Norwex has developed a line of personal care products that contain only plant ingredients with no synthetic chemicals included. These products exceed world Organic Standards.


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