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I am occasionally on twitter if you are interested. My twitter name is SaferCleaningca. All my coolest tweets are at the beginning though!

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Stop suffering with cleaning chemicals

I did a quick immersion into the twitter stream to see what people were saying about cleaning chemicals. Here’s some of what I found:

  • Head hurts (from inhaling the fumes)
  • allergic reaction
  • asthmatic reaction (needing inhalers)
  • skin crawling
  • hands burning
  • feeling “high” (from inhaling fumes)
Some of the proposed solutions on twitter were:
  • make your own chemicals
  • use (smelly) vinegar and (gritty) baking soda
  • steam cleaners (costs you electricity and doesn’t work in a power outage or camping)
I am here to offer you a better solution than smelly vinegar and gritty baking soda. With Norwex, all you need is water. No chemicals yet amazing clean! No nasty physical reactions. Dirt, goop  and germs are literally LIFTED off surfaces with the amazing Norwex Microfiber and water!

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