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Norwex Microfiber allows you to clean without chemicals. Norwex Microfiber allows you to clean with just tap water at a great savings to you. Norwex Microfiber and water cleans thoroughly and deeply removing dirt, grease, and tiny particles off of surfaces.

Cleaning without chemicals will benefit your health. The cleaning products on the shelves of stores are starting to be tested. The findings show that cleaning chemicals are disrupting our body chemistry. Our body can’t get rid of the chemicals and they build up in the body causing disease. Cleaning without chemicals is the answer.

Norwex started with microfiber but has expanded in order to help reduce the use of harmful chemicals. Norwex uses nature’s solution to nature’s odors and residue. Many of the environmentally gentle cleaning products from Norwex use microorganisms and enzymes found in nature. These products are chemical free cleaning solutions that tackle the toughest cleaning problems: drains, ovens, soap scum, and dust mite dander.

Norwex is also keenly aware of the cleaning products we put directly on our skin. Norwex has developed a line of personal care products that contain only plant ingredients with no synthetic chemicals included. These products exceed world Organic Standards.


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August 2020 Norwex Customer Specials

We’ve got limited edition specials! Don’t you just love the color of the chenille hand towel? I do!

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Norwex Masks are available!




The Norwex Masks are in!

This is the link to buy the BLUE CAMO.

This is the link to buy the FLORAL.

This is the link to buy the GEOMETRIC.

This is the link to buy the KIDS – STARS.


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Norwex Product Launch – July 2020!

0:30 – Forever Glass Bottles (sprayer) (foaming hand soap dispenser)
3:05 – Foaming Hand Soap (citrus scent) + (unscented) + (peppermint)
4:18 – Toothpaste – probiotic whitening
6:49 – Mouthwash – antioxicant based, no alcohol
8:56 – DeGreaser – concentrated = 5 bottles
10:40 – Squeegee with bottom crevice brush
11:40 – Dishmats now with bacLock (graphite)(mushroom)
13:00 – Chenille Hand Towel with suede (denim color)
13:45 – Chenille Mop Pad (small)
14:25 –Enviroscrubs (charcoal)
15:38 – Lint mitt (bigger)
16:43 – Towels (stripes) (teal & vanilla) (graphite & lavender) (graphite & vanilla)
16:55 – Body/Face cloth (stripes) (teal & vanilla) (graphite & lavender) (graphite & vanilla)
18:04 – Pet with a Purpose [Turtle] (fundraiser for Washed Ashore to clean up ocean plastic)

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Norwex Masks Update #2

I have received my allotment of 26 masks! I have already sold and shipped 16 of them. I have 4 pink and 6 charcoal left. Message me before June 17th if you would like one (or more).

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Discontinued Norwex Products Spring 2020

EEK! If there is any of these you want before they are gone, order today!

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June 2020 Norwex Customer Specials

If you have wanted to give the Norwex Shampoo and Conditioner a try, this is the month to do it! It is customer special #1. Customer Special #2 is the suede beach towel with a mesh bag. Summer fun!


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May 2020 Norwex Customer Specials Canada

Yesssssss! Norwex Sunscreen!!!! Freshen up your sunscreen supply with the Norwex Sunscreen in customer special #1! (It also comes with lip balm.) Special #2 is a Mother’s Day dainty little ditty! A chenille hand towel and an optic scarf. The spend and get also includes an optic scarf but it is a special limited edition “black tie” optic scarf. Oooh la la!

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Norwex Masks Update #1

So initial reports for the efficacy of upcoming Norwex masks were 0.4 microns at 60%. THE NEW EFFICACY RESULTS ARE AMAZING!!! The Norwex masks will be able to filter out 0.1 microns at 80%!!!! That really blows my mind. Again, I will let you know when they are available and I will put up a link so you can order directly off my website and I never see your credit card information.


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April 2020 Norwex Flash Sale!

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April 7, 2020 · 3:01 pm

Norwex Masks

Norwex has announced it will be making masks! These masks can filter out 60% of 0.4 micron particles! They will be washable and reuseable! To compare, N95 masks are approved for protection against droplet and airborne transmission of 95% of particles greater than 0.3 microns in size. These will be awesome!

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