Norwex Blue Diamond

1800_Blue_DiamondGood News!

I have been using Blue Diamond for a few months now and guess what? I am finding that it is improving the condition of my microfiber! Let me explain.

Where I live, we have hard water. Hard water is the bane of microfiber. It literally makes the microfiber stiff and repel water. Hard water causing repelling is awful because we know that microfiber is actually very absorbent and can hold 7x its weight of water.

You may not know the Norwex saying, “You clean with microfiber and water but you clean microfiber with detergent.” I am finding that cleaning my microfiber with Blue Diamond is refreshing and restoring my microfiber! Yay! I’m so tickled pink about it! I highly suggest all customers, especially in hard water locations, buy Blue Diamond to help extend the life and functionality of their microfiber.

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