Norwex Mini Spray Bottles

Introducing Norwex Mini Spray Bottles!

Perfect for the purse or glove box! Available through Norwex consultants only.

(Not available on Norwex on Consultant Retail Websites)

Norwex Spray Bottles

S99805 Set of 3 for $2.99


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4 responses to “Norwex Mini Spray Bottles

  1. Weber

    How can I purchase them? I don’t see a link to buy.

    • You can’t buy Mini Spray Bottles directly from the website (a.k.a. retail). You can only buy them from a consultant who orders them as part of his/her business supplies. Any consultant can do it but to be cost effective (not mailing them to you) you are going to want a local consultant who can deliver them to you. To find a consultant near you, go to and click on “Connect with a Consultant”. Put in your postal code and you should get someone.

  2. Julie

    What size are these?

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